Who’s Who

So who’s who around this place…

I’ll start with me.  12004895_10205906623358829_7040282981595060598_nMy name is Christie, and I’m a 32-year-old educational professional.  I’ve somehow found my way into the social services side of pre-school education, and question daily my place in the system.  I’m a lover of a lot of things, like learning something new, science, animals, Disney World and their movies, unquestionably my family and husband.  Which brings us to our next player….



FullSizeRenderThis is my fabulous husband, Chris.  He’s the light of my life and definitely my rock.  Chris and I have a long history together.  We first started dating as I was graduating high school, we actually met at work, and started dating.  We dated seriously for two and a half years before we parted ways because I was on a downward, self-destructive, spiral.  After the break-up, we kept in touch for 11 years (11 YEARS!), and when I really couldn’t read ridiculous posts on Facebook by someone he was casually dating, I decided to tell him that we needed to try again because I knew we were perfect together.  He listened to what I had to say, agreed and shared his feelings, and within a year of that conversation we were getting married.


736747_10100180982107743_4329782803562089734_oThis here is Catie.  She’s our little Cockapoo.  She is feisty, playful, sweet, but also sometimes (okay, most of the time…) downright mean to my sister’s dog.  She’s unpredictable.  Sometimes I think she’s actually some kind of critter.  Sometimes I think she’s a Wookie.  And sometimes I think she’s a straight up alligator.  Oh, Catie.



My family will also make appearances on here because I love them and they’re awesome.  So of course I’m obligated to share their awesomeness.