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The Greatest Night of My Life

I will never forget that night when the two pinkish lines formed themselves and revealed I was pregnant.  It was December 7, 2015, not quite two months after my husband and I pledged to be together forever, and three days before I would have missed and suspected I was pregnant.  But I already had my suspicions because of some spotting, which I never had before I was due.  So, after work I pulled a strip-test out of a box of 25 that I had bought from Amazon when my husband and I decided we were ready to try for a baby, went into my bathroom, urinated in a plastic throw-away bathroom cup, dipped the test and waited.  The instructions say to wait five minutes to read the test for the results, but within about one-and-a-half minutes that positive line started showing itself.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; could it really be?  I had plans to go shopping with my sister that night, and decided while I was out to buy two more pregnancy tests, a digital pregnancy test and another common pregnancy test that shows the two pink lines, just to confirm I was pregnant because,  I mean, sometimes those cheaper tests can be wrong…right?

I went home, said hello to my husband, and went straight into the bathroom to test again, unbeknownst to my husband or sister what I was doing.  Again, I urinated in a bathroom cup, dipped both the digital and traditional tests, and immediately on the traditional test the positive line showed itself.  After a few minutes, the digital confirmed the other two tests and stated I was one to two weeks pregnant.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to put into words the elation that soared through my body when realizing there was no way that three separate tests could be wrong and that I was going to be a mom, but I’ll certainly try…  My heart felt like a balloon inflating with nothing but the purest of love, inflating to the point where my joy was radiating out of my smile and eyes.

When my husband and I decided to try for a baby, I thought it would be so nice to find out around Christmas, and be able to reveal to my husband and our families on Christmas that we were expecting.  And now here it was, a few weeks before Christmas and  I was pregnant, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it from my husband.  I was too excited, elated, and joyful to keep this to myself.  So I went into our bedroom and put into a gift bag the two store-bought tests, a onesie I had previously bought, placed in the bag on top of the onesie a simple blank card that I wrote “I can’t wait to see you hold our baby in this”, and called my husband to our room so I could give him the bag.

I’ve never seen such a range of emotions on someone’s face.  On my husband’s face I watched curiosity when reading the card…confusion holding up and reading the onesie…disbelief when pulling out the positive tests…elation as he hugely smiled and asked me, “Nah uh, for real?!!!”  When I smiled, nodded my head with happy tears forming little rivers down the sides of my face, my husband grabbed me and hugged me tighter than I’ve ever felt while laughing and repeatedly alternating between, “I can’t believe it” and “I’m going to be a Dad”.

My sister lives with us, she and I bought our house years ago, so my husband wanted to share the news right then with her; we thought maybe she heard us in all of the excitement, and I’m so extremely close with my sister that I knew there would be no way that I could keep a secret like this from her for a few weeks until we told our families on Christmas.  So after my husband and I processed this news together, we called my sister into the room and my husband gave her one of the pregnancy tests.

Baby P was on its way!

This night was one of the greatest nights of my life.  I didn’t know the heartbreak that would follow….



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