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Mommy to an Angel

They say time heals all wounds.  But I’m not so sure…

In my experience, time does not heal all wounds but instead hardens our heart to the hurt we are feeling.  Almost like a defense mechanism so we aren’t consumed and crippled by the breaking of our heart so we can resume our life in some modicum, or some degree of “normal”.  But after going through this, what exactly is  normal?  All I know is my normal has changed forever.

I am a Mommy to an Angel.

My daughter was born and passed in the second trimester at 17 weeks on March 10, 2016, slightly after 2:00pm, and it has been the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with.  I truly believe that no parent should face losing their child, and my heart empathizes with all parents who have lost a baby, whether that baby was still in gestation or an adult, because we all know that even when someone’s child is an adult, they are still their “baby”.  My heart breaks for each and every one of you.

I originally created this blog site a few months ago after a scare during my pregnancy but never posted to it because I was focused on trying to feel better, and then losing my daughter happened and writing was the farthest thing from my mind.  After confiding in my husband that I haven’t found any story parallel to mine, and feeling the need to find one similar to what I have gone through, and ultimately how our daughter passed, so I didn’t feel quite so “alone”, he suggested maybe I put my story out there to help someone else in their journey.  I mulled it over and decided maybe that is what I need to do, share my difficulties with this pregnancy and losing our daughter.

I hope the subsequent posts help you in your journey or to understand someone else’s pain in losing their child.  Those posts will continue to chronicle my pregnancy, burying our daughter and how it got to that point, and articles and sites I find useful on my road to accepting the death of our baby.

Please follow me on my journey, and I hope to help you through yours.

I am a mom to children with wings....Angela, Amanda and Baby K...I love you!!!:


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